Monday, April 23, 2007


Well I have checked in at Quantico to the History Division and my first day on active duty for this adventure. It is a little unsettling to think I first checked into this base back in 1986 for duty with HMX-1, now some 21 years later I am back again on active duty here at Quantico. There is some truth to time does go quickly as you get older, 21 years does not seem so long ago but it is. I plan this week to complete a lot of the admin tasks that I must do before deploying to Iraq, such as making sure I get paid, that my wife and daughter are covered, getting equipment issued, Medical & Dental screening and receiving some additional training on my personal equipment.

I guess the reality has started to set in that I will go forward and also that this is my last deployment in uniform. I made the decision when I accepted this deployment that after 25 years I would retire upon my return. I also received a lot of help from my wife who reminded me that I was in the Corps before a lot of junior Marines were even born! The decision is bittersweet and maybe somewhat crazy as I have been told by many people, why agree to deploy to Iraq when I could have retired? I have thought about that as well but by doing this I feel that I will have done my part for the larger war and also for an organization that has become such a part of me during the last quarter century.

My goal of this blog is to give everyone who is interested a personal view of war and the people involved. I am not sure we remember the people anymore just what we see on T.V, and read. It will also serve as a way to keep my family and friends updated with what I am doing. My current role of Field Historian will allow me to dig deep into the personal side of war in all it's glory and horror. I have no doubt that this will be a life altering event for me and something I will carry with me until I depart this earth.

I follow in a long line of USMC Field Historians who have gone before me in this unit and it appears I may be the last of the "Old Crew" for awhile. I salute those whose footsteps I will follow such as Fay, Hutson, Covert, Crowley, Riley, Michocko, Durr, Benhoff, Visconage,Way, Wheeler, Winslow, Piedmont, Lowery, Watters and the man who started us off Col Nick Reynolds. So I invite everyone to join me in this journey as I will share all I see and give my personal thoughts..... Let the ride begin


Jessica said...

Hi Mike! Thanks for sharing your blog with us! It is nice to be able to keep in touch with you, no matter how many tens of thousands of miles you are away! As they say, keep your head down, and come home soon! Your crunch berries miss ya already!


vmijpp said...

Iron Mike:

Good luck, and I'll be linking off

LtCol P

William Hutson said...


Great idea. Looking forward to keeping up with you through this blog.

Bill H

VMICraig said...

Ooh Rah, Gunner. Good luck and God Speed. Will be looking forward to your posts. See you when you get back.

Anonymous said...

I will be checking up on my Marine corps brother often, Semper Fi

i am such a rookie @ this blog stuff first time


Anonymous said...

Your Friend in St. Louis wish you a very safe tour. We look forward to your blogs. God speed!

William Hutson said...

Mike, looks like you're set. Stay in touch through this blog..and I'll check it often.


Semper Fi,


Jamil Scott said...

You always get the glamorous dets. Cubie Point for the coup, now this. Good thing the other Mike won't be there to serve coffee.

Keep in touch, and we'll see you soon.