Monday, May 14, 2007


Well all the shots have been received, I stopped counting when I hit seven. The equipment issued and the good byes in person and on the phone completed. I have my orders and a flight departing Washington Dulles this Thursday 17 May direct to Kuwait. I should be in my summer home of Fallujah by Monday the 21st if all goes well. My thanks to the efforts of some great Marines here in Quantico and in Iraq in getting my orders and travel in order, their support has been outstanding.

I plan to spend Wed and Thur with my family and then we will all drive to the airport together and have dinner with more friends and family close to Dulles.

It is hard to put into words all the thoughts and emotions I have right now, I am anxious to be on my way and begin this mission but I know I will also greatly miss my family. I also know that I am doing nothing that thousands of others have not done already and I know it is now my turn. This is a small sacrifice in the big scheme of things. The sacrifices of those who are serving longer deployments and in several cases second or third deployments far outweighs my small piece.

I am amazed by the overwhelming support my family has received it is tremendous, and I appreciate every ones kind words and offers of support while I am away.

The picture above is of all my combat gear laid out on the floor of my garage as I looked and planned at how to arrange items on my flack jacket for the best access... I am sure that will change once I start working "For Real" next week.

My next entry will be from in-country and starting my final mission.


Deborah Aylward said...

God Bless you, Sir: Thank you for the sacrifices which you and your family are making on behalf of us all. Please don't ever say that you're only doing your "job", because you wouldn't be believed by this Canadian.

May you return home safely to the welcome that all Warriors deserve.

To: Semper Fidelis
From: Veritas et Fidelis Semper

DJ Elliott said...

You are arriving in Anbar at a time of change. Perfect for a historian. I will be watching for a real read on what the ASC and the PSF (possible future INP) become on your watch...

rsm said...

be safe, sir.

Diane Allen said...

Hi Mike,

Just heard you were over there. A big Thank You from me and my family to you and your entire crew. Happy Memorial Day! I will be checking out your Blogs while you are there! Keep safe!

Diane Allen & Family (from OLSS)